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Narrated Article: What Was Michael Jordan?

What Was Michael Jordan?

This Week, on House of Strauss

Weekend Thread: Holiday Takes

Narrated Article: Why isn't LeBron's Act Working?

Why isn't LeBron's Act Working?

Give the Gift of HoS

Narrated Article: The NBA's Big Covid Choice

Weekend Thread: Panic or Shrug?

A Rebuttal to my NBA COVID Post

HoS Pod: Ross Barkan

The NBA's Big Covid Choice

Live Podcasts Coming!

Narrated Article: Cards on the Table

Weekend Thread: What Are Your Hobbies?

Cards on the Table

I'm Adding a Podcast, Come Talk at It

HoS Pod: Michelle Beadle

Narrated Article: The Conservative Cringefest Over Enes Kanter

Weekend Thread: Podcast Guests?

The Stranger in a Strange Land Theory of Team Building

The Conservative Cringefest Over Enes Kanter

Narrated Article: Aaron Rodgers, Independent Voter in the Red Zone

Weekend Thread: Nation's Political Temperature?

I'm Trying to Make "Fetch" Happen

Weekend Discussion: What Are You Reading?

The Standard Substack Fallacy

Ben Simmons, "Mental Health," and a Player Empowerment Waterloo

HoS Pod: Matt Taibbi

Weekend Discussion: How's Your Life Changed?

The Big Attendance Drought

Aaron Rodgers: Odd Independent Voter in the Red Zone

Weekend Discussion: Podcasting

The Wolf of Ball Street

HoS Pod: Colin Cowherd

The Case of Grant Napear

Weekend Discussion: Media Criticism

Interview with The Hub

Why the NBA's China Bet Is Failing

HoS Pod: Amin Elhassan and Nate Jones

Weekend Discussion: The Big 1,000

Why is Adrian Wojnarowski Sending Out a Social Media Résumé?

Kyrie Irving Is Not A Role Model

Weekend Discussion: Who Are You?

HoS Pod: Nancy Rommelmann

Gregg Popovich and the Cry of the Boomer Doomer

Weekend Discussion: Pivot to Culture?

When NBA News Breakers Start Breaking Teams

Invisible Wall: Why Athletes Shock the Media on Vaccines and Other Issues

Weekend Discussion: Open Thread

HoS Pod with guest Jesse Singal: How to Deal With Criticism

Blame Twitter: Why the NFL's Hot and the NBA's Not

Weekend Discussion: One Month Thank You

Lightyears vs. Blightyears

OKCIA and the Invisible Edge

HoS Pod with guest Jonathan Tjarks: What's the Meaning of Life?

Weekend Discussion: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

HoS Pod with guest Wosny Lambre: On Twitter and Politics

Is Sports Writing a Fun Job?

Narrated Article: The Rachel Nichols Conversation

Weekend Discussion: Stick to Sports?

HoS Pod with guest Freddie DeBoer: On Deadspin, Gawker and Drew Magary

Talking Past Gawker

Narrated Article: Nike's End of Men

Weekend Discussion: Media Stories?

Quick Post: What the Media Misses About Klutch

This is How Klutch Wins

The Rachel Nichols Conversation

Weekend Discussion: What's Next?

Press Box Prigs vs. Bleacher Creatures

Nike's End of Men

The Fleshy Part of the Thigh