Sep 23 • 8M

HoS Pod: Sam Esfandiari

Ime Udoka, Brett Favre, Trey Lance's ankle and Gen Z sports habits


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Ethan Strauss
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Warriors populist podcast host turned Startup Man Sam Esfandiari is back, providing his insights. On this pod, I wanted to approach the heady topic of Gen Z sports engagement, as per Sam’s new venture. We got there, but were also distracted by all the juicy topics out there in the winds. Those include but aren’t limited to:

  • Everyone’s talking about how we aren’t talking about Brett Favre

  • What the hell’s going on with Ime Udoka?

  • Why the Udoka situation is more interesting that the Favre imbroglio

  • The Great Trey Lance Ankle Bay Area Sports Talk Controversy of 2022

  • Jimmy Garoppolo, Gavin Newsom and the benefits of being really, really, really, ridiculously good looking.

  • Jordan Poole’s contract

  • And yes, the topic of the pod: Why Gen Z isn’t watching sports and how that can change

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