Aug 18, 2022 • 1HR 28M

HoS Pod: Rob Henderson on Tinder and Work From Home

Is social tech making us miserable? Can it set us free?

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A podcast about sports, politics, the future and technology.
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All hail returning HoS champion Rob Henderson, astute analyzer of human behavior. In this episode, we look at the Work From Home revolution’s massive impact on our lives, plus discuss Our Decade of Tinder. Some topics broached:

  • Why Zoomer athletes got sad

  • Young people are detaching from sports

  • Whether I’m right or wrong about Work from Home

  • Are cities in trouble?

  • Can rurals make a comeback?

  • Looking back on Derek Thompson’s critique of American “workism

  • Looking at this Tinder retrospective and others

  • Is game the great equalizer that Tinder prevents men from leveraging?

  • Was it better when men actually had to ask women out in real life?